Functional Medicine

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Functional Medicine

The practice of functional medicine begins with taking an in-depth look into your life, starting from adolescent years. The impact of early childhood experiences, including illnesses, medication usage, and traumas, can shape your present state of health. Understanding the history of your health is the foundation for healing.

Here, at Linyana Acupuncture Studio, there are no expensive lab testing required, the primary focus is nutrition. You will learn what macro and micronutrients are best for you and your health condition. This includes being educated about how food actually works. What vitamins are for. Where minerals come from. What herbs are best. More importantly, how to chose what’s right for you instead what social media recommends.

In addition, you’ll learn about harmful food additives, how to read food ingredients, labels, and nutritional values.

Functional medicine is for women with hormonal issues experiencing difficulty losing weight. It is for people with embarrassing gastrointestinal problems. It is for patients who are ready to make a major change, but not sure how.

It is for you.

Functional Medicine is available without acupuncture services.

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Functional medicine can be applied to a wide range of diseases -

This includes:

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