What is cupping

Cupping therapy is a healing technique that uses smoothly rounded glass cups, fire, and isopropyl alcohol. The alcohol is used to create enough negative energy inside of the cup so that it can grasp and raise tissue and muscle. It is the exact opposite of massage; massage uses hands to compress tissue and muscle, cupping lifts tissue and muscle.

Cupping is an aggressive form of treatment. With strong suction, cups have the ability to lift and penetrate up to 3-4 inches of tissue and muscle. This lifting activation can break up contracted muscles and muscle knots allowing space for improved circulation and relaxation. This is a great form of treatment for athletes and people with muscle mass such as weight lifters.

Upper, middle, and lower back are the main areas where cupping is used, however, it is beneficial for neck pain, shoulder pain including scapula pain. It can also be used on the knees, quadriceps, hamstrings and calfs. Another common area is for the bottom of the foot for people suffering from plantar fasciitis.

Two different form of cupping are practiced here. Moving and Stationary cupping. On large surfaces, like the back, massage oil is placed on the skin to allow the cups to move smoothly across the entire area. With this form of cupping, the cups are not as tight and does not penetrate as deeply, but the feeling is sensational and provides deep relaxation for the muscles.

Stationary cupping allows for deeper penetration and can be used on boney areas such as the shoulder, knees, and feet. The grasping affect of stationary cupping can be adjusted from light, moderate, and heavy suction. For new-comers, light suction is always used until the body becomes accustomed to the sensation.

When cupping is provided, you will feel a pulling sensation, picture a vacuum sucking everything in. Depending on the strength and time allotted for cupping, pink and red circles can appear where the cups were placed. Sometimes the circles will even be dark purple. This is caused by capillary vessels being interrupted. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the belief is the darker the marks the more stagnation there was in the area. Cupping marks are not painful at all, they usually disappear in several days but can take up to 2 weeks.

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What is Gua Sha

Gua Sha is a form of therapy that uses a smooth rounded jade instrument to graze specific areas on the body that are in need of attention.

Its therapy is gentle and perfect for skin conditions, detoxification, common cold symptom elimination and pain management. It is a gentler form of treatment compared to cupping therapy because the stimulation is primarily on the superficial surface of the skin layers instead of deep layer stimulation that happens with cupping.

Grazing or scraping the skin stimulates the lymphatic system, increases circulation, and irons out fascia. After gua sha treatment, the area treated will often have a red/pink discoloration that looks similar to a rash. This is called sha. It is often said that the areas with the most 'sha' had the highest amount of pathogenic influence and the areas with low amounts of 'sha' reaction are healthy.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

What is an Amethyst Healing Mat?

An Amethyst Healing Mat is a 'pad' that lies on top of a massage table. The pad, made of purple eco-leather, holds 27 pounds of certified stones and crystals in place. The pad fits the entire massage table, it has 17 layers of stones and crystals, and it weighs 36 pounds total. In addition to the crystals, the pad has a heating system with the ability to penetrate the entire body as if sitting in an infrared sauna.

The heating system stimulates Amethyst stones to release far-infrared heat, which is a feeling similar to the sensation of being in the sun or a sauna. Amethyst Healing Mats are able to provide infrared heat without UV waves that negatively harm the human body. In addition to Far-Infrared Heat, it also has Negative Ion Energy healing, Pulse Electromagnetic Field healing, and Photon Light Therapy. Amethyst Healing Mat goes straight to the source of all medical conditions: the energy penetrates on a cellular level. Our cells control everything in the body.